Did you know that dance can also preserve traditions and culture? Traditions and culture preserve the very identity of a certain race or person. Thus, having access to some traditional cultural dance that have been passed down for many years from their ancestors is a great intangible treasure. Dances often single out a certain group from the rest of the world, maybe done for purposes of celebration, expression of love and grief, storytelling, entertainment or self-expression, and with Pangalay it is for courtship. Originally a Tausug Dance, the dancers use elaborate body postures and gestures amplified by the use of janggay or metal claws. The dance is performed to the music of the kulintangan, gandang, agong and gabang. Commonly referred to as the fingernail dance, Pangalay is usually performed during weddings and other festive celebrations. We are truly blessed because this priceless and timeless traditional cultural dance still exists in our city today and can be learned through this video https://youtu.be/En3YHQAJS1w.

Pangalay Dance

source: Best of Davao facebook page