Finding information about local artists in one click is as convenient as finding that location in your google map. The Davao City Culture and Arts Council (DCCAC) in collaboration with and help of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) has funded research to make a Directory of Artists and Cultural-Creative Workers in order to help facilitate the national database of artists all over the Philippines as a way of support to Filipino artists. A study that ran for more than 5 months with the local researchers collecting and verifying data has finally produced the said directory for the year 2021. With it being a primary study, is and should be updated from time to time most especially for the artists and organizations to be included if they are not listed on the first edition of the research. This directory is a listing of individuals and institutions whose lives and works enrich the city in imaginative and creative ways. Their varying forms of art practice and services make for a vibrant and multicultural and modern city that nonetheless respectfully nods to its indigenous and Moro heritage. This is a very supportive move of the government for the local artists that the DCCAC wishes to continue on in the future.

Note: If you want a copy of the said research/directory you may e-mail us at to send you a copy. Thank you.